7 Ways to Stay Joyful

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.
-Maya Angelou


1. Make A Playlist

Nothing helps me more on a hard day like making a playlist of songs. Music is such  a beautiful way to understand what you’re experiencing and hopefully it can make you feel less alone. After I listen to a playlist I just made I always feel better. Someone out there relates to you and they aren’t necessarily seated right next to you but through lyrics and the beat you can escape for just a few moments and experience joy.  

 2. Do Some Make Up

I am well aware that we are all different but I find doing my make up or someone else’s make up so therapeutic. Make up is an art and when you have free time or you need some time when you are down just put on some YouTube videos and play in your make up. Get creative and take your time. When you are relaxing and doing your make up realize that this is for you most importantly.

This is to make you relax, that’s the most important thing about this list everything you do in regards to finding your internal joy do it for YOU! 

3. READ!!!!

The ultimate escape, is through a good book. Getting lost in a completely different world outside of your own is magical. A lot of times when we are down we often go into things that can make us feel the same as before. If your sad and you listen to a sad song that obviously fixes nothing. A good book will take you out of your realms and enter another person’s mind to be someone completely different. That’s what we need sometimes ,a break from our own life, rather than take that negatively think about how many times you wished to be someone else and it upset you. Pick up a book and be apart of another world you’ll come out of it missing your normality.

4. Get Some Exercise 

Our physical health takes such a toll on us that it eventually begins to affect our mental health and ultimately that affects our joy. At one point I gained so much weight that I wasn’t happy or comfortable and you have to take step back from just being upset about something and take action. Working through the workout is the hard part but when it’s over the feeling of satisfaction should push you over and what is joy if not satisfaction.

I encourage people to push their limits physically because mentally it makes you stronger.

5. Engross Yourself in a Project

DIYs make the world go round. Well at least in my world, there’s nothing like a cute dorm DIY to uplift you and between Pintrest and YouTube finding one that you would enjoy and benefit you  is the last thing you should be worried about. Besides it’s fun and what better way to spend a day when your down. A trip to Michael’s should cheer you up on spot!

6. Girl You Better Netflix & Chill ALONE!

You could text all of your girls and ask if they want to come over for a Netflix session but then you guys end up fussing over what to watch. You know we all have the one friend that’s way to much into stand up comedy and you know that’s not your cup of tea. So make or order your favorite guilty pleasure and turn on your favorite shows alone. This is another level of joy this is pure pleasure. It’s not meant to be done everyday but once a month pig out in bed with no pants on.

7. Spiritual Rejuvenation 

Whatever your faith might be when you find yourself feeling sad or down this is the perfect time to get closer to it. Enjoy what you have because it was given to you for a reason. Freedom is apart of who you are spiritually accept who you are mentally and physically because your internal spirit will grow along with your faith. Sometimes you may question what you believe but what is life without questions? Connect to your inner being and rid the middle man who tells you how to feel and what to believe.

Reconnect, revive, and realize with your life on a higher level. 

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
-Maya Angelou