Breaking The Mold

“I’m a reflection of my community.”


I have such a respect for young black men going outside of the box. It’s very easy for them to pick a ball and call it a day. Not knocking the young men that do it but its acceptable for young black guys to do that is it 100% socially acceptable for black boys to be into fashion and style. Absolutely not but that’s what makes Krue inspirational to me. Society tells young men stick to the basic get some jeans, throw on a white tee, and make sure the shoes fly and you good to go. They changed that and the word innovative is an understatement.

How it started…

Elwood Junior

Elwood Junior (@elwoodd_jay) started the line originally in 2015. The first launch was Sinful Sweaters and then the following Summer 2016 Krue was reinvested.

Sinful Sweaters collaboration.

It’s relatively new but if we look at how fashion was looked at in 2015 we can say that this is when majority of indie brands took off. In 2015 Yeezy Season 1 and men’s fashion especially in the black community was slowly opening up. It was becoming a point of interest for black males.I see it as no surprise that 2015 would be the perfect year to launch. They already had their feet in the waters of style. They were early to the party and when it comes to style and trends it is better early than late.

Kings Remain Unified Eternally 


During the reinvention of Krue it received a new meaning and my afro-concentric ass is head over heels for it. Seriously they might as well take my routing number now because December 10th I’ll be ready to order. Krue is going to go far without a doubt I don’t have to be the one to tell you when I drop the pictures you’ll see why. Elwood himself said .

“We plan on Krue being a well-known successful line of apparel not only in the south but at least across America.”

When he said that I heard growth it doesn’t sound like a couple of college students hustling it sounded like CEO’s plotting.

I want to talk about these guys for a second outside of Elwood aside from being fashion killa’s word to A$AP they are all doing amazingly for themselves. Eric is going to Mcneese University and he’s currently studying welding. Hube is at Nicholls State studying Petroleum Service and Safety Technician. Keron attends Southern University in BR and he’s studying to be a health trainer.  Working with friends can be extremely difficult but Elwood said at the end of the day the best part about is the input positive or negative will be 100% honest. Being college students they lack time and finances especially when it comes to meeting budgets and deadlines. It seems to me like that’s not stopping them. 

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Krue Clothing December 10th follow their twitter account @Krueclothing!!

She Made it to Beauty

unnamed (10).jpg

Personally I know the difficulties of being a black women and showing interest in hair and make up. Especially weaves I mean it’s already a stereotype placed upon us that we all just wear weaves and we lost the aspect of just doing what we want to do. Nastassja is an upcoming make up artist and stylist and she just put her foot in a booming door. I’ve known her for years and her style was always breathtaking but taking the step to offer a skill that most girls lack is phenomenal and this me personally telling her that I am extremely proud of her. She and a few other girls from her graduating class always were idols to me and thank you for carrying yourself so well and being a role model for girls my age. Anywayssss…. lets talk about her. Nastassja told me that,

“Make up is an artistic expression, it’s like painting on a canvas.”

Her goal is for girls to embrace their beauties through her art. She thrives on people flaunting her flawless work. When it comes to hair she want her clients or “NK Baddies” she wants them to feel the same magic that makeup would give them. She’s self-taught so there was a lot of trial and error but with that comes testing new styles, products, and techniques.

NK Exclusif

Nastassja is a Business Management Major and the future is to start her own cosmetics and hair-line. After graduating from college she’s going to be getting her license in cosmetology.  With being a stylist she experiences the same pains that any artist or hairdresser experiences back pains ling hours and the question of if she really pleased her clients. Well I saw the pictures and if you ask me they look more than pleased.

That’s a clip of some of her work and if you need more proof the pictures ultimately speaks volumes for themselves keep up the work Nastassja!

Follow her Instagram to book and to see more of her work @nkexclusif!!!

JC Branding


Joy got interested in radio early on in high school and she recently became a radio host and DJ for KNSU the ,Nicholls State radio ,for early 2000’s Hip Hop & R&B. She often has guest on the show to answer twitter polls or just to update listeners on the music. She recently started a branding company where she designs brand logos and sets up the back-end of careers on the social media aspect. JC, is intuitive when it comes to pop culture and how to keep your name circulated. For a lot of young talent she’s exactly what you need. We need someone directly in the know to help us brand and expand our platforms. She’s a big part of my brand and how I developed it. She’s been with me through the developmental process and to the now stages and even further. 

For branding information contact on Twitter @joychanellb!!!


Literary Takeover

These ladies and myself share so much in common being black female authors on Watt Pad. A site dominated exclusively by stories of bullies falling in love, thugs, strippers, and rich CEOs marrying a poor farm girl. It takes so much to shine on a site filled with millions of stories but these girls managed to do so. It’s hard to gain respect as black female authors this we know but whats even harder is to get people to read what they want to hear. People want the stories of the thugs and strippers. And by people Watt Pad is filled with young impressionable teenagers. Instead of taking those impressionable teenagers further into darkness they pulled them out and created something so much more delicate and entertaining.

Whitney and her 11 Million Readers


I found Whitney on Watt Pad roughly a year ago and that’s when I first read Playin’ Hard. She went there for me it wasn’t just another b.s fan-fic of celebs in high school. It was real the novel grasped real issues and had a genuine plot line. Whitney is only 23 years old so she’s seen YA literature take its turns and go through phases. She started writing pretty young, at 8 years old, writing short stories in class. I wonder if 8-year-old Whitney could imagine that at 23 she would have 24,000 loyal supporters and over 11 million active readers. As we grow older as readers we do lose the need to read  young adult fiction. However,  as we grow older as writers we should never lose the need to write young adult fiction. Especially in a genre as tender as the black “side” of literature. When I was reading Whitney’s interview sheet this stood out to me so much and I have to share this quote on my blog because it’s so dear to me, 

“My core presence or message as a young adult writer is to bring color or POCs to YA.

What we lack that so much is a strong and I will stress this word,NORMAL, black girl in literature. Cree ,main protagonist in Playin Hard, wasn’t pregnant, not a stripper (sorry guys but the stripper stories bother me so much), not dating a king pin, etc. Normalization of black girls is what I strive for and what I saw this book doing. As a big fan of your novels and work Whitney this is me saying congratulations. But, I am not her only fan or reader for the matter. Over thousands of people from all over comment on her story and these are a few that stood out to her specifically. 

She’s amazing really I recommend reading her books because they really are just that amazing. 

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Danielle Burton


People often fall into writing and this is exactly the case with Danielle Burton another Watt Pad phenomenon. Writing for her wasn’t always something she imagined her self doing when it came to hard time she chose writing as her comfort blanket. It stopped becoming a comfort blanket when it became raw talent for literature. She reached over  millions readers and her dynamic plots. keeps them coming back for more. Her top story Excuse Me, First Love is a fan favorite and alone hit 1.9 Million being her first hit on Watt Pad.

“But then something clicked, the stories changed, characters started to come alive and that’s when I started my first story, Savior. From there I fell in love with the craft and thinking about it now, there’s nothing I’d be than a writer.”

One of her favorite reader’s comment is, 

“The most important thing i need to say right now is that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!  Reading this book made me realize that there are people out there who are suffering more than us, gave me the hope to live on and live my dreams.

This book is one of my favorite books on wattpad. I wish you the best in your life and hope that you get to live your dreams.”

Check out her stories!


Thanks everyone so much for contributing to this post. It was so much fun and so inspiring to write. Keep striving, be your ancestors wildest dreams.