How Weak is Feminity

“I always thought that feminine, softer side was just too vulnerable to put out there, because then it’s like you’re opening up a door for everybody to come in, and you don’t know who’s going to come in that door. “
-Grace Jones

Bambii Made Me Realize

Recently I was on YouTube just getting lost in the million of cranberry smoky eye/perfect cut crease videos and I saw that Bambi (itsbambii) had a channel of her own. I think she’s so hilarious and gorgeous so of course, I subscribe. I started binge watching her videos and I came across one that almost made me tear from my own ignorance and what she had to go through. To some the video that I will leave below. Bambii who is a trans young lady and her younger sister were in a nail salon. A woman is twice their made Bambii and her sister extremely uncomfortable. Eventually, the lady assaults Bambii calling her man and other things like that. Leaving her with scars and she had press charges. My biggest issue with everything is that I always assumed that only men did things like this and I couldn’t be more wrong.

Questioning the Weakness of Feminity 

We always hear about how fragile a man’s masculinity can be but I don’t think we took into account that our feminity can be just a fragile.I see it all the time under the pictures of popular trans people girls will tag friends and be like “can you believe that this a BOY” or “ITS so pretty” and different snarky disgusting comments that they can keep to themselves ultimately. Personally, I think women are jealous now I don’t agree with this at all but there are women who feel that we work twice as hard to be great and they feel that trans women are cutting corners. I am here to tell you that if you believe that you couldn’t be more wrong at the end of the day as soon as you identify yourself as a woman you have entered a life long agreement with hell. It sucks for every single one of us. It is better to stick together than apart. 

I feel so blinded I truly believed that women didn’t commit crimes of abuse like this. I’m honestly disappointed. Another women’s life doesn’t change mine. I don’t understand how someone can offend you so much and may I add that the women who attacked Bambii was 40 and Bambii is 17. So not only did you attack a person because of who they are you attacked a child so not only are you a sick bitch but you’re twisted too. 

Just because someone isn’t like you it doesn’t give you the right to be hateful towards them. To attack someone is unacceptable in general but come on now they’re life doesn’t affect you if you are affected in a negative way keep your useless opinions to yourselves. These women look damn good and so do you. We shouldn’t come to a point where our feminity is threatened by another woman because that’s what I think that’s what it’s come to. Love your sisters no matter what. (Unless their completely ignorant we can “like” those sisters.)

BTW if used in terms incorrectly I am extremely sorry!!!

“If people think I’m angry, I don’t want to burst anybody’s bubble. I like sometimes for people to be afraid of me. But it’s not really anger; it’s discipline. “
-Grace Jones