Open Letter to My Baby Brother

“I know that life has a funny way, so I’m not complaining and while I still got you here, still got you here. I hope that you can hear this”

-Jhene Aiko

As annoying as it is when someone breaks something you love whether it was me breaking your PlayStation 2 or you breaking my lap desk and deleting everything off of the camera. Those things are completely replaceable but my baby brother is irreplaceable. Having a little brother is like having a pet their fun for a while but then you get bored with them and want them to go away. You expect them to do everything that they’re told because you are the big sister and he needs to do as you say because if not EVERYONE gets in trouble.

Collin Ragas is not anyone’s especially not mine. He is so stubborn, frustrating, and egotistical. Corey Baxter could learn a lesson or two from this kid. But although stubborn he is strong-minded and sticks to what he believes. In the 17 years that this kid and I were stuck together he has not changed who he was besides that wrestling phase, can’t forget the Roll Bounce skating thing, oh and the YouTube waves on swim thing, you get the point he grew up but he kept his integrity. Collin never hung out with anyone who wasn’t on his level if he knew he didn’t click with someone he didn’t make sacrifices to do so. I wish I was more like him in that way. I was always friends with people who I hated being around but I didn’t have the heart or confidence to stop being friends with them.

Though he is so frustrating, y’all just don’t know Collin is frustrating. We couldn’t eat Caesar salads for dinner or anything with lettuce and tomato for the longest because he hates anything remotely healthy. It was one of those things that added to what makes my little brother so unique. He knows what he likes and dislikes and I love him for that it goes back to him being strong-minded and sticking to what he believes. Although it may seem like a stretch from Caesar to being a strong black man but even if your standing for the smallest of things you’ll stand for something bigger than yourself. 

It’s hard to imagine your little brother as anything more than your little brother. I couldn’t imagine my little brother having a relationship  oh my goodness it makes me cringe. Like a girl would date the guy that takes too long in the shower, watches the same movie on repeat for an entire day, and hangs out at Taco Bell???  But, then I remember that he’s more than just my little brother, I am his sister , he is a son, a nephew, cousin. He isn’t just mine and why wouldn’t a girl like him. Despite his ridiculous antics my little brother is athletic, religious, hilarious, outgoing, and although he got his good looks from big sis he is pretty cute. That’s the part of accepting that your growing is realizing that people are growing around you. 

My baby brother isn’t carrying around his little tool set in Scooby Doo slippers he’s in high school, on the soccer field, at work, hanging out with friends. And to my baby brother I am so grateful for you. You taught me to laugh at anything. To hustle and get what I want by any means. To be myself despite the ridicule I receive (Tyler, The Creator/Ke$ha phase reference) . Collin you taught me that there is not one person on this Earth that I would rather as my little brother than you. And as an open letter to you thank you for everything the annoyances, the love, and the support.


Big Sister ♡

“I think I have had so much blessing – I’ve had my brother, who was brilliant – I think my family came closest to making a genius when they made my brother “
– Maya Angelou