Afro Club Week Wrap Up

“Live fast, die young, be wild, and have fun.”

-Lana Del Rey

Here’s a wrap up of February and what’s  been going on in my slightly crazy but so worth it world. 

One Saturday the girls and I woke up in the mood for craw-fish and snowballs. We drove around Thibodaux until we found a place that the craw-fish was seasoned and they had specials. I got me a pound of craw-fish, sausage, turkey neck, corn, and potatoes and baby when I tell you I was on cloud nine. To say I wasn’t in NOLA I was impressed with the flavor of the craw-fish. After that we hit up this cute snowball sand and ate our snowballs on the bayou. It was a good Louisiana Saturday. Joy the chick with the glasses and the peace had us on a wild goose chase freshmen year for a party that was two hours away. We all made Joy hold that L until that day because she came through because the sausage was rollin!!!


That Sunday a parade passed in front of my dorm so I went out to that with my friends it was pretty nice honestly. Their parades are about the same size as one on the West Bank.I had fun. Sunday was chill for me I guess. I usually get really organized on Sunday’s like wash clothes, organize homework, and other bland boring stuff. 

Let’s see there also was a skating rink/square that was so fun. However, I haven’t skated since Pink Friday came out and I only know that because I vividly remember gliding to the floor when Your Love came on. Let me just cringe at that though anyways SPA put it on and besides having to work it I had a decent time. 

February comes to wraps with the Black History Program that I had the opportunity to be a part. I am Treasurer of NAACP at my school and the program we put on this year was sooo amazing. I recited a poem and we did a water drive for Flint, Michigan I wish I had a picture of how much water we collected and were extending the drive so if you guys would like to help and you go to school in south Louisiana hit me up! But the program was amazing seriously we had an entire dance section of a music timeline and the poetry section and the speakers the show was good. My face was BEATTTTT and my outfit was so cute. 

And the final days leading up to Mardi Gras I went to two parades and I did an entire day of shopping and I’m going shopping again the day after Mardi Gras. But the parade Saturday was pretty fun my girl Joy is down from Houston and I gave her a lil glimpse of my city. I got some new gym essentials, skin care, flats, and a new book. 

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