Skin Care Routine

“I like my face with or without make up. I don’t need it. It’s my hobby.”


I’m back after he month hiatus and Afro Club my life has been hectic. My first post back is a re-do of my first skin care routine.

I have normal to dry, sensitive skin, with eczema occasionally.

Skin care is unbelievably therapeutic for me it at first felt like a chore that I had to do and eventually it became one of my favorite parts of my day.

I doing a big re-do because I knew nothing about skin care in that post. I’m not some big guru now but I know enough now and the difference in my skin is AMAZING. It’s glowing, soft,  and blemish free.

1. Make Up Removal-Shea Moisture Wipes

I use my favorite make up removal wipes to take my make up off or just the dirt from that day since I work out  I have to get the sweat off my face from that day. I use Shea Moisture wipes that’s for dry skin and they smell amazing.Shea Moisture Dry Wipes

I’ve been using them for a month now and I’m about to repurchase over and over again.  I may buy the whole dry skin line that they have since my skin can get really dry and I do get eczema on my face from time to time.

2. Cleanser-Clean &Clear Deep Action Cleanser

I use my exfoliating brush to really clean my skin  especially if I had on make up that day I rely on my cleanser to go in. I use this one once or twice a week but this is by far one of my favorites its creamy only thing that a sista not feeling is that tingling sensation. I have relatively sensitive skin as well. Cleanser


3.Tone- Shea Moisture Problem Skin Toner

Yes I joined the toner train I thought I didn’t need it. But it’s crucial to my daily skin care I do the morning and night faithfully. It legit gets the dirt out of my pores that my cleanser may have missed and I have been doing this for a month.Toner

I see a difference in my skin because of this. I’ll try out a few more since this is my first toner I can’t say it’s one of my favorites because I have nothing to compare it to. One issue that I have and its a small one is that this is the only one I found in store that the line carries. I’ll keep digging though. I don’t get blemishes and I wish there was a toner for the Dry Skin line!

4. Mask – (1-2 Times a Week) Shea Moisture Facial Mask

I use mostly Shea Moisture mask. I don’t really switch them up with other brands I just use Shea Moisture they smell great and it actually does the job compared to other facial mask. My favorite is the Rose Oil one for sensitive skin. My skin had to adjust to that because it was just a lot to take in. Facial MAsk

It burned and I was scared to use it again, but I did and it makes my skin so soft.  It also like the entire line it smells so good! The African Black Soap Mask clears up my blemishes that very night it’s that quick. The dull skin mask brightens my skin. The dry skin hydrates they work for me. They’re my favorite brand for facial mask and I’m not switching any time soon.

5. Exfoliate- (1-2 Times a Week) St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub

Simple I use my cleansing brush and my exfoliator and it removes dead skin and it’s great for eczema. The apricot and green tea  ones was great I used that one when I was younger.

6. Eye Cream- Olay Eye Cream      7. Facial Moisturizer-Shea Moisturizer

Shea Moisture is black owned and vegan which is great! I love the smell and what it does to my skin. Some steps I left out I use Shea Oil on my face a few times a week since I do have dry skin it helps replenish it and I glow to the gods in the morning.

IMG_6732New Post coming the rest of this month an Interview with Krue and their Spring Line and some tea on dreams and horoscopes this week! IMG_6958