The Summer Lifestyle

“When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person to others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.” 

-Solange Knowles 


Okay look I want to go swimming so I’m going to make this really quick! Like so quick that these 5 tips to a dope carefree lifestyle will legit be inspiring to say the least. This was supposed to be a long post about my emotional trauma over the last few days but I lowkey don’t wanna tell you guys just yet. I also wanted to talk about Fighting Syrens and the fact that it’s about to be an e-book for purchase butttt I’m not doing that either. Start your summer off on the right foot and then we can get into that fact that I have some cool stuff planned for the rest of the summer. IMG_2428

First up, find a work out that you like and do that. Yoga is my thing always has been I’ve been into since I was in high-school. I started taking yoga classes at the gym my junior year usually before my shift and once I got to college I moved into BodyFlow. Recently, I stared doing my own thing that I learned from @TrapYogaBae I promise if she comes to New Orleans I’m taking her class.IMG_1141 But I took some of her moves and combined it with a few of my favorite yoga routines and I made my own work out and I love it and it fills my soul and it gives my booty some love for the summer.

Keep the skin care routine simple and make sure it has sunscreen!!! Your race/ethnicity is irrelevant to the sun protect your skin at all cost. Mine is by Mary Kay I used it last summer and it doesn’t leave a shadow and it works IMG_2292well with my CC cream because foundation is too heavy for me during the summer. I’m not one who always needs full coverage. The picture is all of my skin care products for the summer. I alternate mask and sometimes I switch toners. 

I’m a bbq girl I really am I love ribs and pulled pork. But they also make me tired and bloated. Fresh food will do you know wrong. Fresh salads, berries, and most importantly foods fuel the body. I’m not preaching here but IMG_2429make healthy swaps we can eat bad anytime of the year but this heat is no joke and you need energy so grab a healthy option if you can manage. Unless it’s craw-fish because you absolutely need to have unhealthy craw-fish, trust me I know I am an expert. IMG_2274 (1).jpg

New things only! No more eating at chain restaurants, or buying clothes that you are afraid to try, read new books, watch new movies.


Try something new and do what you love while doing it. In Atlanta I realized I loved biking. The other day I made some nasty organic cookies but I had fun making them. I watched Being Mary Jane and I loved it. I’m ready Ari Glenn’s book online

IMG_2430.jpg and I’m obsessed with it. During the summer especially if you’re school you have this time in your life to learn yourself and I don’t know actually enjoy life.

Really look inside your heart and figure out what your peace is. If you didn’t get that summer body, if your grades weren’t that great, you didn’t make the team you wanted, if you didn’t get a scholarship for school, didn’t get the summer job you wanted and a list of other things. It’s done and let it be.

Find your peace with that don’t let that sit on your mind or heart.

You can always learn from mistakes, or for lack of a better word failures. They are our lessons. We aren’t perfect and neither are our lives. I can’t tell anyone to love themselves but don’t let someone set the standard for your summer. 

Now seriously I need to go swimming because it’s too hot outside to not be in 6 feet of water. 

“What did not demolish me simply polished me”