The Miseducation of Nicholls State

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

-Malcolm X

Well I hope all of my future and fellow Colonels are reading this post because I made it with you in  mind. I wanted to make this during the summer because I had a feeling that school is the top priority on your mind. Well maybe it’s not, truth be told whatever you heard about our beloved school is probably true.IMG_2447 Yes, its in the middle of no where, yes our football teams track record ain’t the best (but they went to the playoffs though), yes, we don’t usually have the biggest artist come to perform at events, and maybe we don’t have all those food options.

Sage The Gemini

Wait this is off to a really bad start lol, but let me say this what we lack in those areas you have to see the beauty of our negatives. While our school is in the middle of no where it is one of the safest schools in Louisiana. In the middle of nowhere you can make your own adventures. Personally me and my girls stay at the arcade in Southland mall and it’s fun because we enjoy each others company and the experience is what we make it. Which is what college is , it’s about your experience is up to you. Nicholls is a growing school in a growing community. Nicholls above all is community based I have met so many great, talented, crazy, and hilarious people through clubs, events, and even just seeing the same person over and over again. IMG_0021.JPGBecause trust me you will see the same people every single day and I’m not talking about classmates. The beauty and the curse of our school is that it’s so small but once you settle and find your place that smallness is comforting. I’m not going to be biased and tell you what to do on campus, who to meet, and where to hang out at, wait actually I am, like all of my other post this is going to be a short list of 5  lies that I believed as an incoming freshmen and lies that I hear often. These lies about Nicholls are about to lowkey unfold. (They aren’t but whatever) 


1) The Wood Is Scary

Trust me when you walk past and it seems like one million tall dudes and girls who are staring you down awaiting to eat you alive, they aren’t. IMG_2453.jpgHonestly they don’t notice nor care that you are there. More than likely they just see a new face or they aren’t even looking at you. If you want to eat, study, or just chill with your friends on the wood then do it. You paid to be on that campus so you go where you please. Also the squirrels are disrespectful thugs and are not to be trusted. DO NOT FEED THOSE SQUIRRELS!!!!!! 

2) Ellender is A Trash Dorm

Personally, my freshmen year they had roaches outside Ellender and they’re not there anymore soooo all I’m saying is that it’s a step up. Let me stop playing but Ellender is a great dorm for a freshmen the community is cool and they have some nice RA’s

Trey, Ellender RA

there for the fall. Plus you’ll learn a thing or two about IMG_2450sharing a bathroom with three other people. I enjoyed my experience in Ellender. Granted in the winter the bricks froze and in the summer it’s hotter than fish grease but you could handle that. 


3) No Fun Events

We legit had a camel or lama or something like that for welcome back day. But on another note there is so much to do during the day. Free shirts are usually always in the union, exotic petting zoo, oxygen bar/glow in the dark arcade, skating rink on campus, wipe out, there’s movie nights in the theater at least once a week, the cafe has themed food nights.IMG_2455 Granted this stuff doesn’t happen everyday but these events and new events happen frequently. Could there be more of  course there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Join clubs that put on events that way if there’s something you want to do that could benefit other students your voice will be heard or simply go to SPA, they are over student programs on campus.

4) The cafe is trash

It is on to number 5. Lemme stop Chicken Wednesday, Jerk Pork Day, Fish Friday, and Steak Night really a joce 10/10 recommend. Other days…. just get your grilled cheese and curly fries and go on with your day. 

5) Nicholls is a Racist School

Truth be told the history of the university is undeniable. The room names, the building names, and even the school name is a reminder of what the south was and in some places still is. Is the actual school racist?2081973-1050472890.jpg I can’t be the one to answer that I have yet to face an injustice on this on campus because of my black skin, I have never been mistreated because of my black skin, and I have not been pushed aside because of my black skin. But that’s just me I’m one person. Black male retention at Nicholls is terrible so that speaks volumes, we lack black representation in classrooms as our educators, and we lack black culture. If you are a student of color attending this university please look  at the history and decide for yourself. Come to this school with a mission outside of your education and help fix the problems that you see. If you’re still put off with the history of Nicholls State once you get here reach out to an organization to figure out the best way to change the problems you see or take matters into your own hands. But if somethings bothering you in regards to your race, sexuality, or gender complaining silently will do nothing for you. 

 “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it , change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou