Essence Festival: FoodGuide

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

-Julia Child

The best part of the summer is almost here well to me it is. Essence Festival is quickly approaching and last year when I went the only thing that my readers who are non-New Orleans natives asked/dm’ed was where to eat. I get it its New Orleans and the events surrounding the concerts are the activities so all you care about is food. I have a few places on both sides of the river that you can find the best food. Let’s say you make it to New Orleans Thursday afternoon pretty late once you get settled in get something comforting and familiar you have the entire weekend to try new foods and for your first day in Nola I recommend IMG_2470 (1).JPGThe Big  Cheezy they have the best tomato basil soup and it goes so well the grilled cheese sandwiches. I promise you the sandwich will fill you up and the service is amazing you can either dine in or take it to go. It’s about ten minutes from downtown and the convention center if you take an uber. Friday Morning for breakfast I would go to Lil Dizzy’s cafe they are known for their breakfast but their lunch is also amazing. The service is bomb asf!!! The women are so sweet I’m telling you it feels like you’re at your aunties house. For lunch on a Friday depending on what events you want to make it to your lunch will most likely be rushed. So let me tell you about on of my treasures when I go downtown.IMG_2531 On the top floor at Jackson’s Brewery there is a sushi place in the corner that my best friend took me to and it is amazing. Now it’s not on the level of a fancy Japanese place but it’s good for a quick bite. If you and your girls are looking to sit down and really enjoy your meal at a fun place try The Rum House. IMG_2479The drinks are pretty good and the tacos are so creative and yummy. The sides are literally to die for try the greens or the poblano mash are the best I’ve ever had. If you want a late desert before you head back to get ready for the concerts or any partying that night go to Snola IMG_2475and enjoy yourself the delightfulness of a snowball. Friday night I would definitely go to Neyows and get a dozen of the char broiled oysters and they have good drinks I heard. Seriously their oysters are the best I have ever have I put them over Acme oysters. On Saturday your food journey can go either way you want it to. If you did all of the natural hair expo or any of the events inside of the convention center and you are just over it IMG_2471venture out to the Westbank. It isn’t that far and you can take the ferry and uber from there. Go to Parrot Pete’s for breakfast it has a really pretty view and the breakfast is unique if you branch out of your comfort zone try the crawfish Benedict.

Or you could stay on the other side of the river and do breakfast at Another Broken Egg and get one of their creative Bloody Mary’s and for lunch there is a BBQ place on Magazine’s called Saucys and the meat is seasoned so well.IMG_2535The service is great and the vibe in there is nice. If you are looking for desert Creole Creamery is to die for and the ice cream flavors are phenomenalIMG_2532.jpg. Dinner options that night could vary depending on what you want to do Shaya has Israeli cuisine, Gene’s Poboys, and We Dat on Canal street are all good food options. The city is your oyster Essence weekend and these are some place to keep in mind. 

“There’s certain things in life that I love. One is architecture. And music, culture, food, people. New Orleans has all of that.

-Lenny Kravitz