Insecure: Body Goals Mindset

“Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.”

-Serena Williams

I encourage health over achieving a specific body type. If you are healthy and in a place where you want to build muscles to achieve different curves then that’s your choice but, the first intention should be health, mental and physical health. You have to find your peace with your body and within in your mind. 2018-07-15 21_35_44.107.JPGSocial media plays a huge part on what we think is the standard for life from relationships to how we should handle our money. I’m going to get real Saturday night special because a lot of my readers are from WattPad and I’ve talked about it before on here but we talk a lot about characters with “perfect bodies” but and then a lot of you mention that you can’t even relate to the people who you create. Your body above all is your temple and a sacred place. You should never compare your body to another and you shouldn’t focus so much on replicating someone else’s temple instead of working on your own. tempImageForSave.jpgFrom the sizes 00 or 22 your body is your home and one of the few places that is completely private on the inside.

 Enjoy your body on the inside practice meditation for as long as you have time to.  I’ve been doing it for almost six years and I can honestly say that nothing  brings me as much peace as clearing my head and resting my temple. Take a walk, take a new group exercise class and surround yourself with people who are growing to be comfortable in their skin and those who are currently comfortable in their skin.

When you fall in love with yourself and your mind there’s nothing you would change for. Bodies of all types needs to be and should be celebrated. There are mommies who think they’re going to pull a Kim K and shake back right after their babies. High school athletes who think that after a bad injury they think that they’ll play exactly the same. Girls in college who think that their high school body is coming back. 2018-07-15 15_09_21.061.JPGThe list goes on and while some women are able to do these things some aren’t and thats okay. Our bodies aren’t made the same so embrace what makes you unique NOW not what could make you unique in the future. Being secure with your body will take time but you have to figure out what works best for you.

Around high school when Love & Hip-hop came on that’s when I really noticed that change in what was the “body goal” and it was a big booty, no waist, and huge boobs. It never made me insecure though because in my head they were just “video vixens” on TV what does it matter what they look like. That culture of the “perfect boy” made its way into social media because now the “perfect bodies” were saying that a major contribution to their perfection was flat tummy teas, waist trainers, and all natural organic gummies.While I don’t condemn surgery because I strongly believe that if you don’t like something about yourself and you have a safe and legal way to change it do it. I also strongly believe that people don’t have to tell you that they had surgery. In that same thought I believe that you should still be content with the inner portions of yourself before you decide to make a medical change on your body. IMG_0667.jpgWhat I don’t like is saying that your body was achieved by products that weren’t used to create the “perfect body”.  It isn’t fair to consumers or women who look at those products and spend money on it and wonder why they aren’t shaped like a coke bottle yet.

The important thing to remember if you are ever questioning or comparing yourself to someone who is deemed “body goals” is that “you are you and will always be you”. Praise other women but you don’t have to be like the next women we are different for a reason. It won’t be an easy road to stop comparing yourself but if need be just take a break from social media, and the television, and for my young readers those “urban books” on WattPad LOL. Spend time with your body and treat it right because you and your body deserves it. With that being said love every roll, every sharp collar bone, those skinny legs, big thighs, chubby arms, pointy arms,big booties, no booties, little and big breast, or even no breast and love every single ounce of your brain. You only get to live in your body once make it count.

“I love who I am, and I encourage other people to love and embrace who they are. But it definitely wasn’t easy – it took me a while. “
-Serena Williams