Playful Pause


“If you dislike the activity the activity, you are also setting your body up for a stressful experience rather than a stress relief”

-Latham Thomas (Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide)


img_7271A few times a week I get enough courage to take thirty minutes out of my day to watch the sunset. I usually see it starting to set on my walk home from work and I sprint back to my apartment to try to catch it completely. I make a little tea and start my aromatherapy and get cozy in a nook in my room and I just pause. It’s not like meditation where I’m in a constant state of peace it’s more of just being aware of the world around me. We get so lost in our own lives and our own heads that we forget that there is more to life than whatever we have going on. I first started to think about this when I read Latham Thomas’s book and ever since I have been more thankful of my time. I have tricked myself into thinking that every second of my life has to be filled with productivity in order for my life to be fulfilled. I make these list and these schedules that are often impossible to finish. When I don’t finish everything I’m left stressed out and frazzled. But, the reason I made these list and got so organized is to be less stressed.img_7558

So how does that work out for me? Like everything in life you have find some kind of balance. I can have structure but not at the expense of my peace of mind. Seems obvious and  the go to answer but…. if you’re a person like me and you feel the stare of your pending future constantly on you chances are you feel the need to sacrifice your peace for something that won’t actually matter in a few weeks. This is how I came to love the idea of a playful pause. Just take a few moments or an hour out of your day and CHILLLLL. Cook something weird and throw it out if it taste like left over Applebee’s fries. If you know me I’m good for throwing a face mask and taking a long bubble bath. It’s not really about what you do. You can look up all the self love and  me time you want but if you’re just doing it because that’s what you think self love is you may have a bigger issue. I do love looking at different routines we all do it makes us excited to spend a little TLC with ourselves. But….. you have to know this if you didn’t gain anything from that time you spent with yourself  ask yourself, why did you take that time? Think about it. img_6638Why did you pause your life to do something that you didn’t feel anything for. I remember a few years ago I saw a beautiful post on Pintrest. This girl was in a luxury bubble bath with breakfast and had this face mask it was so cute. I got off from work that day and prepared myself to recreate that exact scene. Not only could I not enjoy the breakfast because something about eating breakfast and soaking in a nice bath just doesn’t work. Or maybe it was the fact that I was eating with a charcoal mask…. still not sure on which one it was. The point is once I finished doing what I thought would be a fun pause in my life I was just glad it was over. So you have to do exactly what you need to do for a pause.img_7571f you need a nap then by all means take a nap. If you want to sit in front of your tv for an hour and binge watch Power then DO THAT! You should never feel guilty about pausing your life. I guarantee the hour you used for yourself is insignificant to your productivity. Guilt for moments of happiness should tell you what you think of yourself. If you find yourself feeling guilty that should be your motivation for enjoying the company of yourself. Cherish the person you are. Enjoy the body you live inside of. Pamper your soul as you would your body. TREAT YO SELF!!

P.S: These are some crystals that I love for a playful pause. Rose Quartz are amazing for invoking sweetness, love, and passion. Clear quartz represent manifestation, clarity and balance. The Lapis Lazuli invokes compassion, wisdom, and spiritual growth.