The Best Sunday Routine

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”

“Maria Robinson (Author of From Birth to One)

Hey guys! Well its been awhile and for good reason. I told myself that I needed to really clean up my soul and find out where my inner negativity was coming from. I had to take some time off of twitter, my blog, and I’ve been working on my new novel. So these last few months have been a lot mentally and I’m in a better space. I wrote about treating myself as a friend and I am finally in a place where I’m treating myself with the upmost respect. I respect my own time, my own space, my bodies mental and physical health.

The one thing that I have grown the most respect for is my spirit. I am a person who can be easily devastated and my faith is so easily crushed sometimes. But, no realizing it by doing that I was belittling my own spirit. The very thing that’s not even protected by me. God protects my spirit at all times. Once I gained the respect for my spirit again and valued it everything that I have been praying for years began to come so naturally. Today in church the pastor talked about how we let everything we see that we think is going wrong effect us. He went on to say that though we may not see God and the work that is being done to restore what we feel is “falling apart” does not mean that it’s not happening. Being patient with my prayers and the timing that they happen has been my greatest relief.

This leads me to today’s post. My Sunday Routine. I have 5 things that I promise will make your Sunday so much more fulfilling and productive without feeling overwhelmed. Once I gave myself that patience to just try new things my weeks have gone better.

1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can change your entire mood. I buy them for myself once a week and any room you put them and can make it feel so alive.

It’s nice to have something pretty in your space every week that inspires creativity. Flowers can give you that overall sense of calm that can be missing from day to day life. Plus, treat yo self.

2. Meal Prep

The key to meal prep is not planning out every single meal of every single day. For me that’s a bit much and kind of micro manage-y. It would also freak me out to see a bunch of containers in the fridge. I usually just meal prep dinner and one lunch for the week and maybe a snack if I’m feeling it.

This week was roasted veggies and chicken with some lentils. I mixed and matched and now I don’t have to worry about cooking for the next few days. I also go for things I don’t have to stand over. If I roast veggies I can step away and do homework or pretend that I’m going to fold clothes. I love doing stuff like muffins too so I can grab that throughout the week.

3. Phone Break

This is something kind of new in my life but I started putting down my phone an hour or two before bed. I have a social media problem that I’m trying to end. I don’t want to be influenced by other peoples lives before I go to bed. It’s also nice to just have that mental break from my phone. I can focus on reading or writing in my journal before I go to bed. That is one thing that has allowed me to reset my mind and go into the next day with fresh thoughts about myself and my everyday life.

I used to go to sleep angry or even preparing to have a bad day. Putting my phone down has been a key factor into moving in a more positive direction. So I can’t go to bed thinking about the fact that Michael B. Jordan may never marry me because I saw he’s dating someone new.

4. Podcast

Honestly, this is a random part of my Sundays that I just love. I have never been a TV person. I barely have the time or the attention span to watch a TV series straight through. But podcast are great on Sundays. You can put it on your phone and get what you need to get done and still be entertained. I find it to be better than listening to a show.

My bestie/roomie just started one on and it’s just easy to listen to. I listen to them to do the dishes or to once again pretend that I’m going to fold clothes. I also love the Black Girl Bravado, Zealous Conversations, and Grace over Grind.

5. Let it Go

Last week is over and you cannot go back. You can’t change your actions or the actions other people had. You can not change the outcomes of those situations. This is the start of a new week. Let it all go every frustrated moment, every missed work out, every time you were late, every snappy e-mail, and anything else. Move on and be present with your now. I have let things from months ago eat at me in my present.

Things that I know I can’t change. It is not your job to fix micro mistakes. Now if its something that requires immediate attention then handle it. But, if it’s something you know in your heart that isn’t worth the energy let it go. You deserve a week that is not based on making it to the end of the week. If you are stressed about the upcoming week God will restore that. Once you do your part it’s not up to you figure out how the response will be done.

I found that I don’t have to concoct the perfect routine to live a life that brings me peace and allows me to have a productive week. I just need a few simple things to give me a fresh start to the week. Don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t have the Pintrest worthy Sunday. Your life isn’t for a picture it’s for you. Your life is not about documenting the moment let yourself live.