The Afro Club

    “The Afro Club: Embrace who you are, what you can do, and how far you can go.”

Hello There,

I created this blog in hopes that this would be place for people like me on the internet. I have very unique interest and they are all scatter about on the internet. I want to read poetry and it still learn how to style box braids in the same area. The Afro Club is a space where black girls and embrace every aspect of their lives instead of shoving unconventional interest off to the side. My goal is to represent every form of black girl that there is though I may not understand all of you I will showcase all of you. While Lifestyle is a big part of my blog I won’t be neglecting fashion. img_5441

Fashon is a big part of who I am and sharing my style tips with everything in that category. No shade but I want black people to shine on this blog so I don’t intend on showing you how to get the Kylie Jenner look because quite frankly (wait let me nit go there lol) but theres so many black women and men in their early 20s who have style out of this world and that is what I’m trying to show. I want to capture the unique style that multiple types of girls have.img_6004

Beauty is all over the internet especially black women doing make up tutotials but heres the catch I’ll doing make up that’s simple enough for someone who doesn’t have 20 Morphe Palettes , Two Faced, or a Naked paletter,  you can say its for begginers  say its for learners (pretty sure its one in the same but you get the point. I want to teach the basics from a cut a crease, simple countour, poppin’ highlught, and maybe a wing or two if your eye shape allows it.Beauty isn’t just make up its taking care of your skin and your melanin needs to blossom in every way. There will be in dept skin care routines and for various types of skin. After that it’s hair I’ll be 100% honest I know veery little about weaves but I know enough to help my area is natural hair and all forms braids because I have had them all from micros to just my 4c hair.

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So clearly you can see I maybe know what I’m talking about when it comes to natural hair I have been natural for over four years now and I transitioned for awhile and then I did the big chop so I am well versed on both ends of the spectrum.

Culture, Lifestyle, Writing


When I say cultutre I mean everything from black authors, black events, black girl talks, black history all of it. i am an active member in my school’s NAACP chapter and I will share everything that we do and everyhting you can do to be an active member in your communtity. There’s so much to learn about black culture and we can say we’re “woke” but personally I have a lot more to learn and a lot more that I can help others learn. We have to grow as a black commutinty together. When our great leaders passed they were still learning and enligthing themselves so together we can develop. Cultute on my blog is a place we can talk about streotypes and how we handle them and getting lost in colorism. Above our culture is ours and we don’t need to be ahshamed or care if it offends anyone.



Eating, living, glowing is all my life is about. I’m from New Orleans and here it is well known that we live to eat. Since I do all that eating I have to even more working out and staking active. But that’s not just my life. Mental health is very important to me I dicuss this with you guys and show you ways to keep your insides just as healthy as your outside.


I chose to share my work as writier on my blog as well as other poems, and exercepts that I really love. What can I say writing is my passion and there is no better place to share it than on a platform that I am so passionate about. So expect excerpts from my novels, spoken word, some poetry from myself and I may even be including some of my friends work  I want to be able to share a different side of literature.

Extra Extra Extra

I am a 20-year-old college student. I am currently a sophmore working on my BA in Elementary Education.

My mission in life is not to merely survive: but to thrive, and to do so with passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

-Maya Angelou